We’ve come a long way since we opened our doors on Wednesday 7th July, 2017. A Rio de Janeiro carnival atmosphere came to Beverley that evening. A dazzling troupe of exotic (some jaw-dropped onlookers would say erotic) Brazilian dancers strutting their stuff inside and outside the restaurant. At one point the bejewelled, feathered and bikini-clad ladies brought the Beverley traffic to a standstill as they paraded, Abbey Road Beatles-style, across a nearby zebra crossing. Bubbly and Caipirinhas flowed in celebration of our grand VIP opening. The national cocktail of Brazil, (a splendidly moreish concoction of sugar cane rum called Cachaça, crushed ice, lime and sugar) defined the night and continues to be a favourite with our diners, but more of that in another blog post.

We are often asked what ‘Chamas’ actually means. It’s ‘fire’ in Portuguese and Rodizio is a Brazilian concept; an all-you-can-eat experience. You pay your preço fixo (fixed price) and waiters regularly deliver and carve delicious South American meats at your table throughout the meal. There is an extensive salad and buffet menu laden with delicious dishes to accompany the flame grilled meats.

As we say on our web site, ‘The concept originated in Southern Brazil, where the Rodizio Gauchos pierced a wide variety of different prime cuts of meat and cooked them over an open fire and passed from man to man to enjoy. This cooking method, which yields the healthiest and tastiest meats, became the centrepiece of large gatherings of family and friends, turning these events into true feasts. This tradition has continued over the years and has now made its way into restaurants like Chamas for many people to enjoy. With no food ordering or waiting, all you need to do is help yourself to our unlimited salad bar featuring a wide range of freshly homemade hot and cold gourmet dishes and sit back and relax whilst our servers continually bring you up to fifteen prime cut sizzling hot meats directly to your table. No craving is too large at Chamas and our Passadores will gladly continue to slice up our freshly grilled meats until you can eat no more.’

Our menu offers an extensive selection of marinaded, seasoned and sizzling skewered meats, alongside the unlimited salad bar. Choices include: South American pork sausage, mint marinaded boneless leg of lamb, slow roasted gammon, top sirloin with fresh garlic, chili beef and chicken breast with bacon. Vegetarian/vegan options include: coconut stew, courgette and lemon gnocchi and pumpkin and blue cheese risotto. There is also an excellent selection of South American wines and lovingly shaken and mixed Brazilian cocktails.

We’ll be exploring our diverse menu – the recipes, their history, the drinks – in future blog posts, so watch this space.

Interestingly, you are in control of the service throughout by displaying a double-sided card found on your table. The green side indicates that you are ready to start service. The red that you want to rest.

Stopping to relax at traffic lights has never been more fun.

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